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Computer Service and Repair for Tampa Bay Business
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Toll Free: 888-333-9340
Tampa Bay: 813-382-0019


Computer Services
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Data Recovery
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Data and File Backup

I.T Networking Services

Network Server Repair
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Tampa Bay Data Recovery for Servers, PC's and Laptop's

We offer data recovery for all types of hard drives found in servers, laptop, pc's, Apples, notebooks, towers and any other device using a physical hard drive. It is critical that you use a company that has a clean room for physical data recovery. What that means is that if your hard drive has a mechanical failure and has to be opened, it should only be opened in a clean room environment. If your drive is opened in a regular room, the smallest dust particle can destroy your hard drive and prevent recovery.

We have an offsite data recovery lab that is equipped to handle any type of drive crash or failure. We can rebuild drives and replace components including drive motors, heads, logic boards, micro motors, on board components and more. We offer data recovery on Raid and Non-Raid drives including SAS, SCSI, IDE and SATA.


Types of Hard Drives we can Recover

SAS Hard Drive Recovery (including 15k RPM drives)(Raid and Non-Raid)
SCSI Hard Drives (Raid and Non-Raid)
SATA Hard Drives (Raid and Non-Raid)
IDE Hard Drives (Raid and Non-Raid)


Recent Data Recovery Story

We received an emergency call from a business in here in Tampa Bay, that said their HP ProLiant server was crashed making loud sounds and wasn't booting. Upon arrival we found an obvious bad hard drive. The faulty drive was removed for data recovery. The data recovery team was able to recover almost all of the critical data and get their server backup and running for Monday morning. In some cases when you hear loud clicking, the drive could be completely destroyed so it is crucial that you turn the effected system off quickly to avoid further damage. This customer was lucky that they only lost a few folders, that turned out to be non critical.

Note: It is important to make daily backups and test them on a regular basis. The customer above had a backup system in place, but upon review of the backup system it was found that it was not working correctly. We recommend doing a test restore on some of your files on a daily basis if possible, we offer offsite backup plans which will keep a copy of your backups offsite, which is a great failsafe for a current backup system. To read more about data and file backup click here.